Once upon a time In a faraway land The olive asked the chickpea To take him by the hand The moment she said yes,

The olive was at peace And he celebrated their love With a daily lavish feast.

When you walk through the doors of Chopped Olive Modern Mediterranean, you won’t instantly feel as though you have traveled through time to land in the Middle East thousands of years ago. You’ll be welcomed by familiar music, surrounded by chic designs, and captivated by contemporary lighting.

Like the name suggests, Chopped Olive puts a modern twist on authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. And since this diet has been around for centuries, proving to be healthy, wholesome, and balanced, there was no reason to reinvent this wheel — Chopped Olive simply put a different spin on it. 

Every dish is designed specifically for you, and the options are endless. But be prepared for when you take that first bite: It’s the food here, not the environment, that will send you traveling back in time and space. The rush of exciting flavors and bold spices in these ancient recipes leaves people feeling happy and healthy after eating, which is why food is such a staple in culture.  

By taking this age-old, authentic cuisine and giving it a modern twist, the mouthwatering tastes and unique flavors of the Middle East have traveled across oceans through many generations simply to land right here, right now, for you. 

At Chopped Olive Modern Mediterranean, every meal is a feast. Come in today to celebrate!